The special area departments such as art, music and physical education plan with the standards for each area used to plan engaging lessons.  Art and music take place weekly for 50 minutes with each class.  Physical Education takes place three times weekly for 50 minutes with each class.


Computer Lab

K&1 Foundations

Media Center



Grades 2-5 Spanish


Our After School Programs

Before and after school program available on campus:

After School Alliance: 863-978-8761 Chelsey Velasquez

After school programs available for pick up:

Bushikan Karate: 863-354-1551 Contact Name: Juan
Haines City at Sports Karate: 863-877-7393 Contact Name: Diego
Stay and Play Learning Center: 863-439-2214 Contact: Porchia
Northridge Christian: 863-422-8164 Contact: Holly
Wee Care: 863-439-5884 Contact: Nan
Full Attitude:  863-419-5143 Contact:  Jessica Cooper
Jesus Cares:  863-422-5888 Contact:  Julia Johnson
Wonderful Wednesday:  863-422-3334 Contact:  Deborah Bialecki
Bowling Cypress Lanes:  863-294-3295 Contact:  Mary Ann Watson & Lana Jo Carlisi