The use of our agenda/planner is to promote home and school communication, as well as to assist your child in learning organizational skills. Please plan to look at your child’s agenda daily and sign it. This will be an informational tool enabling you to stay aware of what’s happening in your child’s class.

Florida State Law requires all students to be in regular attendance. The importance of regular attendance cannot be overemphasized. A child should be in school every day he/she is physically able. Vacations, trips, routine doctor and dentist appointments, should be planned so that students do not miss school. Promptness to class is necessary for the student to take full advantage of available educational opportunities.

All students should be on campus in time to be in class at 8:00 am. Instruction, organization and preparation for the day begin immediately.

It is imperative that your child’s emergency information card is kept up-to-date. Let the office know of any address or phone number changes.

Our school provides a first-aid clinic that is operated by a clinic aide and our office staff. Please keep in mind that we do not have a full-time nurse at school. Parents will be contacted by phone when it is necessary for a child to go home.

Medications should be taken at school only when necessary to control chronic conditions as acute illness, where failure to take it could jeopardize the student’s health. When sending medicine to school all prescription medications must be in the original container from the pharmacy.

All parents and visitors must present a photo ID at the main office when coming on the school campus at any time. All visitors are to wear a visitor’s tag while on campus.

Find out what supplies you will need for the school year at Dundee Elementary Academy.

Please contact the main office if you have any questions or comments concerning the supply list.

The Dundee Elementary Academy uniform is worn as a symbol of school pride and unity. It reduces distractions during the school day and keeps the students focused on academics.

Neatness: Uniforms should be clean and in good condition with shirts tucked in at all times. No fraying, holes or tears should appear on any garments.

Cleanliness: Students should come to school with clean bodies.

Tops: Students can wear red/navy shirts embroidered with our logo. Click here to order uniform shirts to be delivered to your home or to pick up at orientation:

Bottoms: Students are expected to wear khaki or dark navy uniform dress pants or mid-thigh length shorts or skorts. Bottoms are to be worn around the waist. If there are belt loops, belts are to be worn. Girls may wear khaki or navy jumpers.

Socks: Socks should not disrupt the learning environment.

Shoes: For safety purposes, sneakers must be worn. All other types of shoes including boots, crocs, and sandals may only be work on free dress days. Sneakers must have rubber soles, a closed toe, and closed heel. There are not any specifications on color. Sneakers must be fastened or secured to the foot for safety purposes. Sneakers should be no higher than ankle level. Please no light up shoes.

Earrings/Jewelry: Any accessories worn with the school uniform may not distract from the learning environment. No other piercings are permitted.

Hair: All students should have clean and well-groomed hair each day. Beads or hair ornaments that obscure vision or otherwise provide distraction to the wearer or other students are not allowed. No colored hair such as pink, blue, etc. Hairstyles should not obstruct vision or be a safety concern.

Hats: Hats or other head coverings may not be worn at school except for during PE, on special days, or for medical consideration approved by the administration.

Backpacks: For safety purposes, backpacks on wheels are not allowed.

Dress for success days: Students will be permitted to wear dress clothes on student-led conference and award days or regular uniform.

Jackets: Students can wear solid dark navy, black, red, or gray fleece jackets, sweaters, or cardigans with or without the logo inside classrooms and around school on days temperature is above 50 degrees.

Please call the office for information on where to order uniform shirts from.